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News Patient Stories -23 December 2022

Early Career Researcher Series: Dr John Mach on optimising medication use for older Australians

Dr John Mach, Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Laboratory Manager in the Department of Ageing and Pharmacology at the Kolling Institute talks to the NORTH Foundation about his journey as an…

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News Patient Stories -13 December 2022

A tribute to Zoe Schmidt

Zoe Schmidt was just two years old when she passed away in August 2021 after battling Heterotaxy Syndrome, a rare birth condition where the internal organs are abnormally arranged in…

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News Patient Stories -24 November 2022

Jonathan’s story: A grateful family fundraising for life-saving cancer treatment

In February 2021, 68-year-old Jonathan experienced a painful cramp in his foot while on a long walk around Sydney Harbour. Because it seemed to affect the movement of his foot,…

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