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The NORTH Foundation, (formerly the Kolling Foundation), works in partnership with our hospitals and research units to raise much needed funds so they can continue to provide the best in patient care and drive research to find solutions to real-world health problems impacting our community.

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The NORTH Foundation, through the power of collective giving, strives to connect patient care and community wellbeing with world-class medical research and excellence in education, infrastructure and equipment.

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There are so many ways you can help the NORTH Foundation maintain and continue to provide the best in patient care and drive research to find solutions to the real-world health problems impacting our community.

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Donations make such a difference to patient care, staff, the facilities and research undertaken in the Northern Sydney Local Health District.

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News from NORTH

24 February 2021

Professor Carolyn Sue AM, Kolling Institute Executive Director talks about the implementation of a new research strategy and vision for the next five years

"Our job as researchers is to embrace innovation and translate it back into healthcare and find new medical solutions for our patients" - Professor Carolyn Sue AM For our Kolling Institute, 2020…
Kolling Institute Researchers News
23 February 2021

Turning Scientific Research into Medical Realities – Kolling Institute

The community is seeing an increase in heart and kidney disease, musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain, as well as neurodegenerative and mental health disorders. There is tremendous expertise across these…
heart health services in northern Sydney News
23 February 2021

The NSLHD Cardiac Rehabilitation Services looking after our community

It is no secret that we have one of the largest and fastest growing ageing populations in all of NSW. This means that cardiac health within the Northern Sydney community…

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