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Joshua’s Legacy – Funding the Fight Against Medullary Thyroid Cancer

Each year, almost 4,000 Australians will be diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Joshua Adam Stanton was only 40 years old when he lost his fight against an exceptionally rare type of cancer called medullary thyroid cancer (MTC).

In loving memory of Joshua, his family started a memorial fund for those wanting to donate in lieu of giving flowers and help the family fundraise for the Thyroid Cancer Research Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital where Josh received treatment under the care of Endocrinologist Professor Bruce Robinson AC.

“We want to raise awareness of medullary thyroid cancer and on behalf of Josh, help to make a difference and provide hope for others who are impacted and challenged with a similar journey,” said his sister Lauren.

“Unfortunately, we can’t change the past, but together we can try to make a better future for those diagnosed with MTC.”

Stanton Family touring the Kolling Institute research lab

The Stanton Family touring the Kolling Institute research lab

An incredible $41,218 was raised in memory of Joshua shortly after he passed.

“This is a testament to the love people felt for Josh and a result of the impact Josh had on his family, friends and community,” said Lauren.

Joshua’s fight was one of resilience and determination, marked by a selfless desire to support others fighting the same battle, even though unfortunately he couldn’t win his own.

His journey began after 12 months of relentless rib pain when he was diagnosed with sporadic medullary thyroid cancer, which comprises only 3-4% of all thyroid cancers. Further investigation revealed the uniqueness of Josh’s specific cancer. At the time there was only one other known similar case in the world. But by then, it had metastasised and spread to his bones, classifying it as stage four.

“You could imagine the shock and fear our entire family was faced with, especially Joshua who had just become a new dad only eight weeks earlier,” said Lauren.

Josh’s brave and stoic fight for survival lasted five years and in the words of Professor Robinson, “I was astounded by his bravery and determination to not let this diagnosis interfere with his life.”

If you would like to support the Stanton family’s fundraising efforts to continue Joshua’s legacy of hope and support those affected by this rare cancer, please make a donation here.

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