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Thank you for choosing to support research to assist in the development of twin pregnancy growth charts.

We need your help to raise $180,000 to improve our understanding of the normal growth patterns for each baby in a twin pregnancy. These funds are crucial to ensuring we are able to analyse twin pregnancy data and develop the growth chart that will allow for accurate monitoring of twin baby growth throughout gestation. Your support will also ensure these growth charts are able to be created and that research is accessible to all healthcare workers providing care to pregnant women.

Without this, twin babies will continue to be measured against single baby pregnancy growth and could continue to be delivered earlier than potentially necessary increasing risk to both mother and twin babies.

More information can be found here.

To learn more about Kolling Institute’s findings, you can read Dr Jonathan Morris’ (Lead researcher and Kolling Institute Director of Women and Babies Research) interview with the Daily Telegraph here.

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Waiting as long as we did I think helped. The twins didn’t need to go into special care and could come home



Lobada Idris and Karim Badri with their twins, Layla and Zayn, and their daughter Layan. Twins Zayn and Layla were born via planned caesarean at Royal North Shore Hospital at 36 weeks and four days old.

Women are encouraged to discuss their individual circumstances with their health care professionals.