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A unique service helping families with young children

The Dalwood Spilstead Service offers an internationally recognised model of care to support vulnerable families with young children in their early years – to optimise children's lifelong learning, wellbeing and potential.

This specialist service model is based on neuro-developmental research, which shows that we can have a positive effect on reducing the impacts of childhood trauma. We incorporate strength-based, family-centred and child-focused services under one umbrella.

Our model is unique in its ability to coordinate and offer multiple, specialist, multidisciplinary therapies, tailored for each child and their parents’ needs under one roof.

At Dalwood, we are making a difference that will last a lifetime!

At Dalwood Spilstead, we offer a comprehensive multidisciplinary health, education and support service for vulnerable families with children under nine. Our services include:


  • Case management, home visits and counselling
  • Fathers program
  • Parent self-care and support programs
  • Parenting education programs
  • Volunteer home support program


  • Home-based early childhood education
  • Infant supported playgroups
  • Spilstead Therapeutic Preschool Program
  • Outreach to mainstream preschools and schools
  • Therapy services


  • Parent and child groups
  • Attachment focused parent and
    child interaction interventions

Why we need your help

Creating psychological safety is fundamental to helping families and their children through their heeling journey. Providing a therapeutic and welcoming environment is an essential part of the work we do. Your support will help us buy the specialised therapy equipment that we need to help more children, and will help us to keep our therapy and indoor play areas, gardens, food preparation and playgrounds safe and welcoming.

We support families, with young children, who need intensive support, therapy and home visiting to enable them to better meet their children’s health, development and wellbeing needs from an early age, to give them the best start in life. By donating today, you can help us to continue providing the best possible care to our children and families by offering specialist, early intervention therapies, practical support and home visits to nurture parent’s capacity to overcome trauma and adverse life events and build resilience.


Support our facilities

As we are based in a heritage building, many of our internal facilities are in need of an upgrade, including our kitchen. This kitchen renovation is known locally as Project Rachael. Please support us so we can provide vulnerable children and their families with improved kitchen and communal facilities – ultimately offering a light at the end of the tunnel for people like Rachael Jackson and her children.


'Child's Play' program

The Child’s Play program provides highly specialised therapies to assist children, who have attention, language, learning and behavioural delays due to poor attachment and stimulation in their early years. Therapies in speech pathology, occupational and art therapy and clinical psychology. Please support us to make a lifetime of difference for these children.


'Dads at Dalwood' program

This program aims to support fathers and male carers to actively and positively engage with their family to support their children’s wellbeing and development. A male family counsellor coordinates dedicated dads’ playgroups, evening groups individuals counselling and more. This program is currently funded by a generous donor but to expand the program, we are seeking additional support.

Rachael Jackson Family photo

“I got help from Dalwood Spilstead when I needed it the most and they offered brilliant support for my family.  It takes a community to reach out and pull someone out of the darkness and I’m so grateful to Dalwood Spilstead which is why I’ve chosen to fundraise.”

– Rachael Jackson
Read Rachael’s story here

How much would you like to donate?

Your gift will improve the lives of children in need and their families, and have a tangible impact that will last a lifetime.

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