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Ryde Hospital Appeal Helps When Every Second Counts

By August 28, 2019September 20th, 2019No Comments

Every second counts when a patient is having difficulty breathing. Now, thanks to generous donations to Ryde Hospital, new equipment was purchased to aid intubation.

Intubation, the process of inserting a tube into the trachea, is something which needs to be done before a patient goes on to a ventilator to assist with breathing. It’s a delicate procedure, often done under urgent circumstances.

The $30,000 raised through the Foundation appeal allowed the Critical Care Unit to buy a video laryngoscope, something Leah Whitton, nurse unit manager, describes as ‘an absolute bonus for our ward’. The C-Mac laryngoscope is a long, thin camera that allows the team to view the patient’s throat and intubate faster,” she said.

Already 10 patients have been intubated with the new equipment, which allowed them to be successfully transferred to CCU.

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