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In Australia, tick-borne disease continues to be a mystery, leaving patients confused, with many unanswered questions.

We believe our research can help change that!

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Our research will inform and provide evidence to support the creation of medically appropriate treatment options and ultimately the creation of clinical treatment guidelines for patients in Australia.

We believe in our researchers and their ability to bridge the gap between what is needed today and possible.

We know you believe in them too.

The lack of validated diagnostic testing in Australia leaves patients with tick-borne illnesses confused and lost in a system that ignores them. It is for this reason that my family and I, through the Snow Foundation, have chosen to support this research.

– Ginette Snow

The NORTH Foundation is thrilled to partner with The Snow Foundation and Northern Sydney Local Health District to support crucial research into diagnosis and treatment pathways for patients suffering with tick-borne diseases. 

In Australia our knowledge about tick-borne disease is limited, and we are excited to support a significant clinical research program where patients and their experience are placed at the centre of the study. This research is critical but currently limited to a small number of patients.

Through this partnership we hope that we can play a part in educating the community encouraging philanthropic support and engagement to ensure that this research can continue.

Our research team will be undertaking a significant and first of its kind clinical research program which places patients at the centre of the study.

Through this research program we hope to:

  • Focus on data and sample collection
  • Gain insights from relevant medical professionals, health service providers and communities
  • Establish a preferred diagnostic pathway for patients in Australia
  • Create validated diagnostic tests
  • Create a holistic multi-disciplinary care approach for patients
  • Create awareness and provide education to the general public and medical/allied health professionals

We need $1,300,000 a year* in order to ensure continued support for the program over the next five years and to ensure that the appropriate follow-up is done with current patients in the program. The funding for this research program has been based on a per patient basis and takes into consideration those patients who may leave the study after receiving appropriate treatment and seeing an improvement in symptoms.
*Donations $2 or over are tax deductible. 

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To make a donation, select Kolling Institute, then 'Other' and type 'tick-borne disease' in the 'Area of support' box.

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