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Life-changing research and innovative ideas for better patient care need your support! Donate today.

It is your generous donations that see programs that aren’t eligible for traditional funding get off the ground. Programs that might not be considered life-saving but are essential in improving the quality of life for people with health issues.

We believe in our hospitals, we believe in our healthcare workers, and we believe in excellent patient care.

We know you believe in them too.

Healthcare workers and researchers rely on the generosity and kindness of the community to support them with their life-changing research and programs which can lead to better patient outcomes. Attracting grants and funds is competitive which is why you play such an important role in helping to fund their innovative work.

Your kindness and generosity today can change this.

Your tax-deductible gift this tax time* will not only make a positive impact to the lives of those in our community but will also support our healthcare teams deliver life-saving patient care programs and treatments.

*Donations $2 or over are tax-deductible. Your donation will directly support healthcare workers and programs within the Northern Sydney Local Health District

The NORTH Foundation is the official charity fundraiser for the Northern Sydney Local Health District

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