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Your ‘Gift of Gratitude’ will help us continue to provide
high-quality patient care to our community throughout the pandemic and beyond.

COVID-19 has made us all acutely aware of the importance of great public healthcare. Hospitals within our District have been working together to prepare for this pandemic. An essential component of this preparedness has been to train staff from other departments in critical care medicine. This training helps us to prepare for a potential influx of patients in need of intensive care, and also increases the knowledge and skills of staff throughout the hospital.


Although lately, our focus has primarily been on our COVID-19 response and preparedness, we need to remember that the everyday healthcare needs of our community continue – babies continue to be born, emergencies continue to need treatment, and trauma patients continue to need our care. Providing the best patient care throughout the hospital for all patients is our highest priority.


Rowena understands the significant role excellent hospital care can play when a loved one needs it most. Recently her husband, Ken was treated in the Emergency Department at Royal North Shore Hospital with a suspected stroke. It was a very concerning and stressful time for Ken and Rowena. Fortunately, Ken had not suffered a stroke, but he did require further testing and stayed in hospital for a number of days. Rowena and Ken were so touched by the high standard of care they received from the medical and nursing staff they wanted to show their appreciation with a gift of gratitude. You can read their full story here.

“All of the medical staff were not only professional and kind, but they went above and beyond to ensure that we were comfortable and understood the best course of treatment for Ken’s condition. This whole situation has shown our dependency on the public health care system, and it is on all of us to help it thrive. I believe if you’re in a position to donate, you’ve got a duty to do so.”

Rowena pictured with her husband Ken, who was recently treated in the Emergency Department at Royal North Shore Hospital. Touched by the care they received, Rowena and Ken have decided to make a bi-annual donation to NORTH Foundation show their gratitude.

Our hospitals rely on gifts to support their staff and enable them to deliver a high standard of personal care to their patients.

“Providing a good patient experience is at the heart of everything we do, and often this goes beyond just medical care. We meet people at the most difficult time in their lives and want to be able to provide them with a sense of reassurance, comfort and hope.”
Dr Lewis Macken, Director of Intensive Care Unit – Royal North Shore Hospital and COVID-19 Clinical Advisory Group – NSLHD

You can help support your local hospital and the patient care services they provide by making a ‘Gift of Gratitude’ in their honour through the NORTH Foundation.

Your gift of gratitude today will make a difference. It could provide continuing education for medical staff, the ability to purchase cutting-edge equipment or even facilitate vital medical research.

Gratitude comes in many different forms, and we always appreciate the words of thanks that we receive. Please consider writing a message of thanks to our healthcare workers here.

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