Round 3: Research – Applications closed

The grants program launched in June 2021 to provide a new opportunity for staff across the NSLHD to access untied funding received by the NORTH Foundation. 

In 2022, we awarded over $400,000 to 18 exciting projects.

This year, funding will be allocated to innovative projects across three funding rounds:  

  • Round 1: Patient Services
  • Round 2: Education, Community Wellbeing & Outreach
  • Round 3: Research

Focus Areas

Patient services (Applications open March 2024 TBC)

  • Equipment
  • Service improvements
  • Feasibility testing
  • Expansion of services
  • Staffing

Education, community wellbeing and outreach (Applications close Sunday 30 July 2023 11:59pm)

  • Patient/community initiative collateral development or promotion (e.g. translating resources for culturally and linguistically diverse communities);
  • Patient wellbeing programs (e.g. educational, emotional resilience or life skills classes);
  • Staff wellbeing initiatives (e.g. supporting the emotional health of staff as they navigate the disruptions of COVID-19);
  • Staff education/seminars/conferences/resources (e.g. cultural sensitivity training, research symposiums, training courses);
  • Community education/outreach/resources (e.g. educational programs/resources to encourage healthy lifestyle choices).

Research (Applications close Sunday 26 November 2023 11:59pm)

  • Clinical and laboratory needs
  • Research enablers (e.g. data/analysts)
  • Early career researchers/fellowships

Projects and initiatives which have already secured part-funding from other sources, or already have an active donor base will be looked upon favourably. It is essential that the NORTH Foundation is part of any approaches to potential donors and discussions with existing donors.

“We are all looking for new avenues of funding and working with the NORTH Foundation across their many fundraising programs can definitely prove fruitful – I highly recommend the grants program to my colleagues across the district.” 


Dr Ian Kerridge – Staff Haematologist and Bone Marrow Transplant Physician at Royal North Shore Hospital

Application Process

  1. NSLHD staff are invited to complete an application form. You will be able to save your progress within the form.
  2. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a full application.
  3. Applications will be reviewed by our Funding Advisory Committee (FAC).
  4. Successful applicants will be informed and the NORTH Foundation will liaise with staff leads to promote your project.

Members of the FAC include: 

  • Anthony Schembri AM, Chief Executive – NSLHD
  • Jacquie Ferguson, Director of Finance and Corporate Services – NSLHD  
  • Jorge Ferreira, Internal Audit Unit – NSLHD  
  • James Yeandel, Director, Corporate Communications – NSLHD 
  • Rebeka Freckleton, Research Strategy and Partnerships – NSLHD  
  • Dr Charles Fisher, Senior Staff Specialist, Endovascular Surgery – NSLHD
  • Gilbert Lorquet, Chief Executive Officer – NORTH Foundation  

The grants program is managed by the NORTH Foundation. The team will be happy to assist with any enquiries by emailing [email protected].


1. What is the purpose of the NSLHD & NORTH Foundation Grants Program?

When establishing the NSLHD & NORTH Foundation Grants Program we considered several key purposes, including achievement of the following aims: 
Creating a formal process for providing access to untied funding. 
Increasing access to philanthropic funding across the district. 
Better promotion of how philanthropic funding supports our services and research. 
Better impact reporting for donors and the community. 

2. Where are the funds coming from?

As the official fundraising and engagement partner for the Northern Sydney Local Health District and its services, the NORTH Foundation receives donations from a wide variety of sources including individuals, community fundraising, bequests, and partnerships. All philanthropic funding comes through the NORTH Foundation. The funds for the NSLHD & NORTH Foundation Grants program are derived from untied and/or semi-tied donations.

3. Is this funding restricted in how it may be used?

When a donor gives to the NORTH Foundation, they can specify the healthcare service or area that they would like their gift to support – sometimes this is very specific or sometimes it is quite broad. For this reason, we have created several different clearly-defined categories, which ensure that the donation is spent in line with the donor’s wishes: 

• Untied donation: Where the donor indicates they would like to support the ‘Area of Greatest Need’ across the NSLHD or a hospital or facilities broadly (e.g. An identified area of greatest need at RNSH).
• Semi-tied donation: Where the donor indicates they would like to support a specific Department, Research Area or cause within a specific NSLHD hospital or facility.
• Tied donation: Where a donor indicates that they would like their donation to support a very specific piece of equipment, project or purpose (e.g. A donor may specify that they would like their donation to support the purchase of a treatment chair for a particular ward).
It is important to note that the NORTH Foundation has an obligation to use donations in line with the donor’s wishes, and that where they are semi-tied or tied, we do not have discretion regarding their use. 

4. How will funds be transferred?

All grant funding must be transferred to a NSLHD cost-centre. Only NSLHD employees can be cost-centre managers and therefore, all projects must have a member of the team who is a NSLHD employee and has been approved to be the cost-centre manager for the project. 

5. What do we mean by NSLHD employee? Why is this necessary?

For the purposes ofthe NSLHD & NORTH Foundation Grants program, an NSLHD employeeis considered to besomeone with a staff link number and appropriate employment contract with the NSLHD.

6. What criteria will you consider when evaluating applications?

When considering whether a project will be awarded grant funding, the Funding Advisory Committee (FAC) and NORTH Foundation will adhere to the following criteria: 

  • NSLHD Strategy alignment – Whether a project aligns with the priority areas/themes/strategic directions in one of the NSLHD strategies/plans. For example the NSLHD Clinical Services Plan (pg. 61), NSLHD Research Strategy (pg. 5), and NSLHD Strategic Plan (pg. 5). 
  • Sustainability – If the project has ongoing cost implications (e.g. feasibility study, new staff role), has the applicant considered how this will be funded beyond the grant from alternative funding sources? 
  • Reportable short-term tangible outcomes – Whether a project will likely demonstrate outcomes within the first 6-12 months. 
  • Patient impact – Whether a proposed project will have a tangible impact on the patient experience. 
  • Community impact – Whether a proposed project will impact the community at large and not just a small group within the community. 
  • Project staffing – Whether the proposed project requires additional staff or in-kind support from existing staff. 
  • Access to additional funding – Whether the proposed project has existing relationships or potential donors who may be interested in contributing funding to your project. 
  • Willingness to work with NORTH Foundation – Whether the proposed project team are willing to work with the NORTH Foundation to develop donor relationships. 
  • Potential promotional activity that can be undertaken – Whether the proposed project team is willing to participate in promotional activity for the project.  

7. Are there any requirements for accepting the funding?

Yes, you must be willing to report back to the NORTH Foundation and Funding Advisory Committee regarding expenditure of the grant funds and outcomes of your project. Depending on the project, either a six month or yearly report may be required.