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Expanding This Essential Service Will Improve Outcomes For Stroke Patients

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RNSH Neurology Department

The Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) Neurology Department treats conditions of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. One thousand five hundred patients go through its doors every year, with around 700 being stroke or transient ischaemic attack (when the blood supply to the brain is blocked temporarily) patients.


Neurologists, Neuropsychologists, Interventional Neuroradiologists and specialised nurses take care of patients suffering from these complex conditions, including neurovascular, neuro-oncology, trauma, stroke and spinal care.

The Neurology ward has 21 neurology beds and nine neurology rehabilitation beds. The ward also includes the largest stroke centre in Sydney with eight monitored acute stroke beds and four step-down beds (a bed that is a step lower than beds found in an intensive care unit, but more advance than a general ward bed).

In addition, the department offers a Neurosurgery Outpatient Service, Multiple Sclerosis Clinic and Rapid Access TIA Clinic.

NSW has seen an increase in the stroke hospitalisations of persons over 75 years old. In 2018-19 the state saw an increase of 530 cases to that was reported in the 2017-18 period, recording 13,651 stroke hospitalisations*.

As a result, demand for endovascular clot retrieval (ECR) procedures on stroke patients is rising. An ECR has a 70% success rate in restoring autonomy to stroke^. RNSH is one of six hospitals across NSW that has specialists who can perform this procedure. A stroke patient’s best chance of recovery is heavily reliant on this on-demand treatment.

Currently, this procedure can only be performed within limited hours on weekdays and on alternate weekends.

With community and philanthropic support, our goal is to expand this essential service to run 24/7. To achieve this, we need a specialised Interventional Neuroradiology (INR) suite. The INR suite will support a better patient experience, minimise patient transfer to another hospital and most importantly, reduce the time it takes to get a patient on the operating table.

The NORTH Foundation is the official fundraising partner for Royal North Shore Hospital. You can support the Neurology Department with a generous donation by clicking here.

If you are experiencing stoke like symptoms, including unexpected loss/slurring of speech, loss of vision, facial drooping or dizziness, call 000 for urgent medical care.

Not sure what the reasons are to visit an Emergency Department, read our article on the 10 reasons when to visit the Emergency Department here.


*NSW Health Stats


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