Christmas Appeal Funds Robotic Rehabilitation Technology at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital

By August 18, 2020 September 1st, 2020 No Comments
Pablo - Robotic Rehabilitation

Thanks to support from the community, through the NORTH Foundation’s Christmas Appeal, patients at Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Hospital are now able to utilise new technology to assist in their rehabilitation.

The ‘Pablo’ is a computer-based, robotic device that allows patients to perform upper limb strength training and repetitive movements to assist their recovery. It measures various grip patterns, strength and range of movement to help patients perform everyday activities like brushing their teeth or drinking from a glass.

‘Having access to and being able to incorporate the Pablo into treatment is exciting for staff and means patients no longer need to use older devices that are less intuitive’, said Occupational Therapist Taryn Fox.

“The ‘Pablo’ performs a wide variety of therapies and allows people to complete the recommended 1000 repetitions, which research has shown improves outcomes, without feeling their treatment is monotonous” Taryn said.

“Another benefit is that the device records data through computer and is able to measure nuanced changes to the patient’s progress that would not otherwise be noticeable.”

“We are so grateful to the community for supporting the purchase of this device and that our rehabilitation and paediatric patients are able to utilise it to improve their upper limb functions,” Taryn said.

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