A letter from Deb Willcox

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Dear Supporter,

When you or a loved one is sick or injured, where do you turn? If you are like most in our community, you will most likely go to one of our local hospitals or services.


Because you know you will receive high-quality care from some of Australia’s very best leaders in healthcare. You also know that you will be treated with compassion in a warm and caring environment.

Your wonderful support in the past have helped make our local health district the leading health care provider that it is. We are so grateful to you for partnering with us to support our dedicated healthcare teams.

You are helping impact the lives of thousands in our community – whether they are seeking COVID testing, facing a devastating disease or looking to improve their quality of life through our health services.

We hope that you will choose to continue to impact lives this Christmas by making a tax-deductible gift* to our Appeal.

Every year our community faces many varying health and medical challenges and personal concerns. I know you will agree that 2020 has been a standout for all of us, especially when  looking back at the impact it has had on all areas of our lives and that of our loved ones. And even if we have been lucky enough to avoid direct impact, we have watched many in our community suffer.

As Christmas is often a time of reflection, I would like to spend some time reflecting with you now on some of our district’s most critical moments over the past year.

We started the year caring for the victims of the New Zealand White Island Volcano tragedy and leading the way for our community to overcome the health impacts of the devastating N.S.W. bushfires.

Our award-winning Burns Unit at Royal North Shore Hospital provided crucial care to those in need and supported families through both of these tragedies. Then came March, no one could predict that we would face one of the world’s most significant health crises – the COVID-19 pandemic. Nor could we comprehend the enormous effect on our lives, our healthcare teams and our medical resources, that it continues to have.

From the very beginning, our hospitals and services have been dedicated to caring for our community. It was not so long ago that Ryde Hospital identified and treated the very first COVID-19 community transmission patient in Australia, and the work to prevent the spread began. Our staff continue to lead the way, adapting quickly to COVID safe protocols and procedures, upskilling and transferring their skills to care for you and your loved ones.

Your ongoing support enables us to manage this unexpected health crisis while continuing to meet the everyday healthcare needs of our community. And we do this with the high standard of care you know you’ll receive when you turn to us.

This Christmas, your gift with deliver better patient outcomes by bridging the funding gap between what is currently possible and what is needed to provide the very best in medical treatments, care and services.

Your tax-deductible gift* offers immediate resources for our response to COVID-19 while also ensuring that urgent department needs continue to be met.

We are committed to providing top-quality patient care and staying at the forefront of medical innovation, no matter what challenges next year may bring. You can help make this possible by sending your gift today.

We are counting on your support.

Deb Willcox
Chief Executive
Northern Sydney Local Health District

*Donations $2 or over are tax-deductible

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